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    Adô Atelier started in 2008, founded by designers Fe Dubal and Tati Azzi, who graduated together in the School of Design at UEMG (Minas Gerais, Brazil). Their goal has always been to create a brand of bags and utilities made of genuine brazilian leather with a focus on creativity and authentic and timeless design.

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    As they are little attached to trends and not following fashion calendars, the development of the brand's products has as its headline the conscious consumption and production, always guided by the quality and durability of materials and reliability in production processes, which are all made in Brazil.
    In 2015, Tati and Fe opened their first physical store in Belo Horizonte, and since then, they believe in the value of their stores as omnichannel experience territories for customers, which can also have a greater contact with the brand's universe, and follow the handmade processes of products customization surrounded by the colors of Adô universe.
    As it was created by two women, the brand supports causes that provides changes in the lives of other women, empowering them as agents of change in Brazil. The projects Arquitetura na Periferia (BH) and Think Olga (SP) are two examples that are linked to the brand's values and to the values of the founders.
    You are very welcome to Adô. Now that you already know a little bit of our history, we hope to be part of your history too!

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